A Course Syllabus listing all class requirements will be sent home each marking period. The syllabus will have the date when each assignment is due.

An Outline Worksheet, 3 to 4 Chapter Grids, and a Summary Worksheet are required for each assigned chapter. The All ASE Questions And Answers Must Be Written Out.

Additional Homework Assignments: Two, 200 to 300 word essays, Essay Worksheet  on an automotive related newspaper or magazine article are required each marking period. A Prediction/Writing Journal must be completed and attached to the reading assignment. Juniors and seniors, your essays must be based on your graduation project topic. Assorted readings for essays

All Assignment Worksheets

Textbook chapter worksheets: Outline Worksheet; Reading Grid Worksheet; Summary Worksheet

View a sample of two completed grids. Example one: Chapter 14, Engine Bottom End Construction. Example two: Chapter 15, Engine Front End Construction.

Worksheets for completing essays or other readings: Prediction/Writing Journal Essay Worksheet and/or Article Review/Critique Worksheet.

Readings for Essays

Parents/guardians: Timecards are sent home EVERY Friday and must be signed by you and returned the following Monday. Your child's time card is how I communicate with you! Please be involved in your child's education and insist on seeing and signing their weekly timecard. Students, if you are absent on Friday, it is YOUR responsibility to ask for your timecard when you return to class. How Important Are Time Cards? Returning signed timecards is a homework assignment! Signed and returned timecards are worth up to 5 grade points each marking period!

Parents/guardians: Please sign the bottom portion of the syllabus when it is sent home. It is also a homework assignment.

If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at 215.368.1177 ex 138. Or drop me an E-mail at: RLACIVIT@nmtcc.org. If it is difficult for you to contact me during school hours, just send in a note letting me know when it would be best to contact you. As always, thank you for your cooperation!

Chapter Resources

Math-In-CTE Assignments

Extended Absence Assignments

ASE Pre-Tests

Automotive Technology Course Syllabus & Chapter Review PowerPoints

1st Marking Period


9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade



11 Engine Fundamentals

53 Clutch Fundamentals

17 Computer Fundamentals



12 Engine Design

54 Clutch Diagnostics / Repairs

18 On-Board Diagnostics



13 Engine Top-End Construction

55 Manual Transmission Fundamentals

19 Computer Systems Service



14 Eng Bottom-End Construction

56 Manual Transmission Diagnostics / Repairs

20 Automotive Fuels



15 Eng Front-End Construction

59 Drive Shafts /Transfer Cases

21 Fuels Tanks / Pumps



16 Engine Size and Performance 

60 Drive Shaft and Transfer Case Diagnostics and Repair

22 Gasoline Injection Fundamentals



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2nd Marking period Vocabulary Worksheet


39 Cooling Systems Fundamentals

61 Differential and Rear Drive Fundamentals

23 Gasoline Engine Inj. Diagnostics and  Repair 


40 Cooling System Repairs

62 Differential and Rear Axle Diagnostics and Repair

24 Carburetor Fundamentals


41 Lubrication Systems Fundamentals

63/64 Transaxle FWD Axle Fundamentals/Repairs

25 Diesel Injection Fundamentals


42 Lube Systems Repairs

ASE Tests 3 & 7                     Manual Driveline Final

26 Diesel Injection Diagnostics and Repair


48 Engine Mechanical Problems

75 HVAC Fundamentals

27 Exhaust Systems


49 Engine Disassembly

76 HVAC Diagnostics Service

38 Hybrid Drive Systems


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3rd Marking Period

1 The Automobile

50 Engine Bottom End Service

65 Tire, Wheel and Wheel Bearing Fundamentals

35 Ignition Systems Fundamentals

2 Automotive Careers

51Top End Service

66 Tire, Wheel and Wheel Bearing Service

36 Ignition System Diagnostics and Repair

3 Basic Hand tools

52 Engine Front End Service

67 Suspension System Fundamentals

37 Lighting Systems

4 Power Tools

57 Auto Transmission Fundamentals

68 Suspension System Repairs

38 Sound Systems

69 Steering System Fundamentals

5 The Auto Shop

58 Auto Transmission Service

70 Steering System Repairs

43 Emission Controls

Mid term Exams

ASE Tests 1, 2, 8 & Auto Trans Final

74 Wheel Alignment 44 Emission Systems


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4th Marking Period


6 Auto Math & Measurements

28/29 Automotive Batteries

80 Career Success

45 Engine Performance and Drivability


7 Using Service Information

30 Starting System Fundamentals

71 Brake Systems Fundamentals

46 Advanced Performance Diagnostics


8 Basic Electricity

31 Starting Systems Diagnostics and Repair

72 Brake System Diagnostics and Repair

47 Engine Tune-Up


9 Fasteners Gaskets Seals

32 Charging Systems Fundamentals

73 Anti-Lock Brakes, Traction Control

77 Restraint Systems


10 Vehicle Maintenance

33 Charging Systems Diagnostics and Repair

ASE Tests 4 &5  

78 Restraint Systems Service


Final Exam ASE Test 6 Steering & Suspension Final Exams 79 Security and Navigation Systems  
Brake Systems Final Exams


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Assorted Readings for Essays

Worksheets for completing essays or other readings:

Prediction/Writing Journal, Essay Worksheet and/or Article Review/Critique Worksheet 

  1. Auto Repair for Women; Akweli Parker, The Philadelphia Inquirer

  2. A Petroleum Alternative, But U.S. Says It's Illegal; Matthew L. Wald, The New York Times

  3. Grease Is the Word: Fill It Up With Fry Oil; Jim Norman, The New York Times
  4. Ethanol Has A Few Knocks Of Its Own; Harold Brubaker, The Philadelphia Inquirer
  5. Demand For Auto Mechanics Revs Up As Technological Changes Fuel Growth: Lisa Heyamoto

  6. Trying To Find A Good Mechanic: Greg Bluestein

  7. Vocational And Technical Degrees Defy Recession: Lucy Lazarony

  8. Parallel Parking: Look, Ma, No Hands: Yuri Kageyama

  9. The Legacy Of Ford Motor Company Extends Far Beyond Cars: Jim Mateja

  10. Hybrids' Future Likely To Lie In Trucks And SUV’s: Rick Popely

  11. Finding a Good Mechanic: Peter D. duPre

  12. Everyone Wants A Career That He Or She Loves: From Tomorrow’s Technician

  13. Chevy’s Corvette Has Turned Heads For A Half-Century: Rick Popely and Jim Mateja

  14. Car Trends – Will Future Cars Spoil Us?: Ann Job

  15. America is a Nation On Wheels: Larry Hecker

  16. The Incredible Thinking Cars: Tom Strongman

  17. Effects of Work-Based Learning: Anne Lewis

  18. Your Car May Be Making You Sick: (Allergens on Wheels): Bob Lacivita (click here to see how the article appeared in The Family Handyman, April 2002) 

  19. A Witness, Tucked Under the Dashboard: The Philadelphia Inquirer

  20. Making Cars Accessible to the Disabled and Elderly: Jim Mateja

  21. AwwNuts --- and Other Fasteners: Bob Lacivita (CBR Magazine, September 2002)

  22. Where Are the Techs?: From SHOPTALK, the newsletter of the International Mobile Air Conditioning Association

  23. Far Too Few Skilled Craftsman; Far Too Many Unskilled Lawyers: Claude Lewis, The Philadelphia Inquirer

  24. Shortage of Skilled Mechanics is Getting Worse: Jaweed Kaleem

  25. The Earning Potential of a Career and Technical Education: TECHNIQUES, The Publication of The Association For Career and Technical Education 09/2001

  26. Networking to Land Your Dream Job: Helene Lauer

  27. Distracted Driving: Allen J. DeWalle, AAA World Nov/Dec 2004

  28. Thinking Like Winners: Kent R. Davies, American Careers/Winter 2004

  29. General Motors to Develop Fuel Cell Vehicles with Energy Department: Ken Thomas, The Philadelphia Inquirer

  30. Ballard Announces Fuel Cell Timetable: Ken Thomas, The Philadelphia Inquirer

  31. Fuel-Cell Vehicles Get A Boost From U.S. Deal: Ken Thomas, The Philadelphia Inquirer

  32. Time2Torque: Pete Bilotta

  33. Statistics Suggest That Safety Features Are Worth The Cost: Rick Popely and Jim Mateja

  34. Cost of Returned Parts: Kami Buchholz

  35. Women Call the Shots on Buying and Maintaining the Family Car: ASE

  36. How to Avoid Identity Theft

  37. Domestic Vehicles Became More Reliable: by John Porretto, Associated Press

  38. Pollution Free Cars: Associated Press

  39. Safety Glasses: Daniel C. Brown HGTV.com

  40. The Tweel Tire/Wheel: Alan Pierce, TechDirections

  41. Make Those Cloudy Headlamps Sparkle Line New: Bob Lacivita and David Radtke, The Family Handyman, October 2005

  42. Back to School 101: Safety Measures for Teen Drivers: The AIADA staff (PDF)

  43. A Chicken-Or-Egg Debate; Too Few Techs Or Too Few Instructors?:

  44. The Impact of a Technology on Society: From 1865-1960: Robert Lacivita

  45. How Car Industry Has All But Won War On Rust: Frank Greve: The Philadelphia Inquirer; Washington Bureau

  46. Run Flat Tires: A look at the Michelin PAX System: by Charles Ofria: www.familycar.com

  47. Helping Students Get Past Math Anxiety: Gary Scarpello, PhD., Techniques September 2007

  48. Consumer’s Guide to Getting Your Brakes Serviced: Rick Muscoplat, vehix.com September 14, 2008

  49. Auto Emergency Tool Kit by AutoZone: How to put together simple tools that can be lifesavers in an emergency: Eric Peters, AOL Autos

  50. Alternative Fuels: Rick Muscoplat, vehix.com, January 19, 2009
  51. It Really is Rocket Science; A Pilot Program Gives Math Skills a Boost Through Technical (I.E Real World) Applications: Rita Giordano, The Philadelphia Inquirer June 23, 2009
  52. Fine LInes; The 1968 - '72 GTO: Malcon Gunn: The Philadelphia Inquirer December 24, 2009

  Worksheets for completing essays or other readings:

Prediction/Writing Journal, Essay Worksheet and/or Article Review/Critique Worksheet

On-Line technical information: Automatic Transmission Band and Servo Operation / Engine Bottom End Measurements


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