Extended Absence Work

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If you receive an OSS/ISS or will be out for an extended amount of time please complete these assignments. A textbook is not required to complete most of these assignments. North Penn HS has  a copy of our textbook, Modern Automotive Technology, in the ISS room.

Homework is a critical component for successfully completing the technical curriculum.

Automotive Technology Vocabulary List (PDF) and Vocabulary Worksheet (PDF)

Academic Standards for Career Education and Work (ASCEW) Entrepreneurship Work Packet

CDX eTextbook is a combination textbook and encyclopedia for automotive students.

PartTracker.com an automotive glossary. Use a Vocabulary Worksheet to complete the assignment.

MSDS Assignment

Try to figure out the WEB QUEST

Readings for Essays

All Reading Program Worksheets

Worksheets for completing essays or other readings: Prediction/Writing Journal; Essay Worksheet and/or Article Critique Worksheet, and Vocabulary Worksheet.

Textbook Chapter assignments: Outline Worksheet; Reading Grid Worksheet; Chapter Summary Worksheet

Write a biography about an inventor or individual who has had an impact on the automotive industry. Use the Internet for the two required sources. (PDF)

Chapter Resources

Math-IN-CTE Lessons, Worksheets and Homework Assignments

PDE Grade 11 Formula Sheet

Conversion Chart 

Conversion Facts

Math Vocabulary Worksheet

Decimal Conversion Chart

Decimal Conversion Worksheet

Interactive Micrometer Quiz

Interactive Micrometer Quiz Worksheet

On-Line technical information: Automatic Transmission Band and Servo Operation

Interactive Transmission Bands and Servos Quiz

SkillsUSA (VICA) Knowledge and Leadership Self-Quiz

ASE Pre-Tests

Have some fun! Completed these Seek and Find puzzles!

Try this Reader's Digest Automotive "Themed" WordPower! (Here are the answers, but don't look until you're all finished!)

Watch a television show or a movie (something about cars would be nice)!!! But you must fill out a Video Information Sheet or Video Response Worksheet while you watching the show!!!

Visit and review an automotive themed Web Site. But you must fill out a Web Site Review Worksheet after visiting the site!!!

All Reading Program Worksheets

Thank you for stopping by to pick up your assignments!

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