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Chapter Reading Packet: 1-Outline Grid, 3-Reading Grids and 1-Chapter Summary Worksheets are to be completed for each assigned textbook chapter

View a sample of two completed grids. Example one: Chapter 14, Engine Bottom End Construction. Example two: Chapter 15, Engine Front End Construction.

Student gains in reading from the participation in the Temple University Reading Project

How Assignments are Graded:


Reading Packet Grading Rubric


Essay/Prediction Journal Rubric


Technical Task Grading Rubric


Senior Project Scoring Rubric

Educational Objectives of Reading Program Worksheets

Reading Project Worksheets

Informational  Worksheets

Article Review/Critique Worksheet  Crosswalk - Linking PA Academic Standards RWSL to worksheets
Biography Worksheet Automotive Technology Vocabulary List *
Chapter Info Worksheet Making Connections Through Writing
Career Objective Survey* Increasing Reading Comprehension
Chapter Objective Summary Worksheet Journaling Guide
Chapter Summary Worksheet * Journaling Writing Prompts
Chapter Summary Worksheet * Writing Organizational Prompts

Cluster Experience Journal *

Questioning Organizational Prompts
Critical Reading Worksheet Portfolio Insert
Directed Reading Activity Reading Strategies
Discussion Journal Reciprocal Teaching (RT) Checklist
Essay Worksheet * Reflection Writing Prompts
Field Trip Worksheet * Measuring Textbook Effectiveness
Journal Writing Prompts * Importance of Workplace Communications
LastWord * How to Write an Outline  (NEW!)

In_Words or Less*

In My Opinion *  

Prediction Journal *

Prediction Journal2  
Prediction Journal3  
Prediction Writing Journal*  
Prediction Writing Journal 2*  
RAFT Outline  

Reading Form

Reading Grid Worksheet *  
Reflection Journal  
Relevance & Relationships*  
Speaker Info Sheet  
T-Chart Summary Worksheet  

Task Reflection Worksheet *


Video Information Sheet *


Video Response Worksheet

Vocabulary Bingo *  
Vocabulary Worksheet *  
Web Site Review      
Write to Learning Journal   
Outline Grid Worksheet *  
Outline Grid Worksheet*  
Outline Grid Worksheet*  

(*Worksheets used in the Automotive Technology Program)

RWSL = PA Department of Education (PDE) Academic Standards for Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

Academic Integration Reference Guide (Workbook) used during NMTCC's Incorporating & Aligning Pennsylvania Department of Education Academic Standards with Relevant Career and Technical Education Content Workshops. This booklet includes: Frequently Asked Questions: Introducing the Assessment Anchors, Helpful Links, the NMTCC, Reading Program Worksheets Crosswalk & Quick Start Guide to the Assessment Anchors,  a “Hot List” of PDE Assessment Anchors, PDE Grade 11Academic Standards and Assessment Anchors Sample Crosswalk & Eligible Content for Math, Science and Reading.

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